Building a simple static blog generator!

This blog post will show how to build itself.

The goal is to build a static site generator where posts are written in Markdown, and output as html.

Technology choices

There are certainly some static site-generator tools out there. A couple examples are Jeckyll and I'm sure these are great tools, but in the little time I've put into using them, I haven't been able to get something like this up and running.

To turn the markdown blog posts into html we need a 'build'. We're going to use Gulp. Gulp is a NodeJS tool, so to follow along, you'll need that installed.

Getting set up

Create a new Node project

Lets create a new directory: my-blog/ and create a package.json file inside it:

  "name": "my-blog",
  "author": "Zach Lysobey"

note: we could've done this with npm init, but I wanted to be as bare bones as possible, and that generates a package.json with many fields we don't really care about right now

Lets create a directory (posts/) to put our markdown files in and save this file there as

Get going with Gulp

We need to install gulp.

Install Gulp globally

npm install -g gulp

Install Gulp locally

npm install --save-dev gulp

Create a gulpfile

Create a new file gulpfile.js in the root of the project with the following contents:

var gulp = require('gulp');

gulp.task('default', function() {
    console.log('Hello Gulp!')

Does it work?

Type gulp into the terminal. You should see something like:

[13:37:00] Using gulpfile ~/my-blog/gulpfile.js
[13:37:00] Starting 'default'...
Hello Gulp!
[13:37:00] Finished 'default' after 96 μs

Turn our mardown into html

We need something to convert our markdown posts into html that can be deployed. A quick search turned up gulp-marked on NPM.

Install it:
npm install --save-dev gulp-marked
Use it in our gulpfile

require it at the top of the gulpfile.js

var gulp = require('gulp');
var marked = require('gulp-marked');

Modify our default gulp task:

gulp.task('default', function() {

This will take all .md files in posts/, stream them through the marked library (converting them to html), and save those output files to a new build/ directory.

Does it work?

Run gulp. If it works you should see a file named static-blog-generator.html in build/.